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Notary & Commission Clinic
By DocuServe

When you need a Document Notarized or Commissioned, contact us at 289-201-5505 or at Our Notary & Commission Clinic by DocuServe is a Licensed Notary & Commissioning Service Provider. 

#1: Start with the Price

Notary Stamps

Single Notary

One Document, One Notary Stamp, this is Ideal if you have a Single Affidavit, or need one document Notarized. 


$29.95 for single Notary

Rubber Stamp with Handle

Additional Notary

If you have more than one Document, or require multiple Notary Stamps, we charge $19.95/ Additional Notary. 


$19.95 per Additional

Custom Logo

Bulk Notary

Sometimes, people have more than 10 documents to be Notarized, we have a rate for Bulk Notary Services. 


$Quote Required

#2: What is a Notary?

#3: Get Notarized

Book an Appointment

Call us at 

289-201-5505 or Book Online

Appointment Times vary.

Same Day is available. 

Bring your Documents

Once you have an appointment, you should bring your ID and Documents to our office located at 74 Facer Street

St. Catharines, Ontario

Prepare to Sign

In many cases, you have to sign in front of us, so be prepared to sign your name and declare the truth before our Notary Public, but don't worry, we make it easy and non-stressful. 

Your Done!

Once your documents are Notarized, or your signature is Sworn, you're completed and done. Simiply submit your documents to the person who requested the Notary.

Book Your Appointment


Notary & Commission Clinic By DocuServe:

74 Facer Street, St. Catharines, Ontario


Thanks for submitting!

For a Possible Same Day Appointment call us at 289-201-5505 otherwise, please feel free to call us or use the below Calendar link to schedule an appointment for Notary Services!

Opening Hours


By Appointment


By Appointment

Saturday & Sunday


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