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Who can serve your documents?

What should you look for when hiring a Process Server?

There are a lot of flyby night Process Servers, and single individuals operating a "Process Serving Firm". In Ontario, there are no specific regulations or licenses to be a Process Server. This is a disadvantage for you, as anyone, can call themselves a Process Server. A college student, a painter, a lay person, your mom, your dad, brother, sister, person on the street, it does not matter, they could all be Process Servers.

Due to no regulations, your job as a consumer, to protect yourself, is that much harder. You must do your due diligence when hiring a credible Process Server. A Process Server should have qualifications in the legal field. You should be looking for a member of the law society, a licensed Private Investigator, or a retired Peace Officer.

When hiring a Server, do not be afraid to ask for their credential's, their reputation among the courts, and importantly, their insurance and bonded certificates. Could you imagine, having your entire matter thrown out, and not being able to recover monies from the Process Server who did a faulty job because they have no insurance?

Yes, you could have your matter thrown out due to an improper service, or faulty Affidavit of Service. The consequences for missing, not doing properly, or not completing the required paperwork can be fatal to your matter. It is not just about delivering documents, you must also have an Affidavit of Service, and file the correct paperwork. As a consumer, make sure you are hiring someone who understands the law, correct process of service, and can complete and file the necessary documents.

At DocuServe, we are trained Paralegals and Private Investigators who have an impeccable understanding of the requirements and documents you need for serving due process. We have proudly been licensed since 2015 and have served thousands of documents. When you need a reliable, insured, and experienced Process Serving team, you call us at 289-201-5505. Our level of service, professionalism, and ability to complete your assignment is why we are often referred to as the leaders in process serving.

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